breads : organic sourdough / rye & caraway / turkish / gluten free - add $

Cookies by local baker Luke Avenue breakfast oat, muesli & yoghurt, gluten free 5

Banana bread toasted and buttered 5.5

Toast w spreads jam, peanut butter, honey, vegemite 5

Fruit & nut loaf 6

Bacon & egg damper roll w bbq or tom sauce 7.5

Ham, cheese, tomato sourdough toastie 7.5

Muesli w fresh fruit salad, greek yoghurt & honey 9

Fresh fruit salad w greek yoghurt & honey 11

Pancakes w caramelised apple, cinnamon, banana & maple 14

add bacon 17

Free range eggs on sourdough toast fried, poached or scrambled 10.5

Bacon & free range eggs on sourdough toast fried, poached or scrambled 12.5

Omelette spinach, cheese, spring onion, tomato 15



Chicken spicy mayo, avo, salad 10  add cheese 11

Tuna cucumber, mayo, spring onion, salad 10

Ham leg ham, tomato, cheese, mustard, salad 10

Salad avocado, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, beetroot 10 add egg 12.50

BLT bacon, lettuce, tomato, on turkish 11 add avo 13.5



Beef bacon, egg, cheese, beetroot, salad 14.5

Chicken bacon, cheese, spicy mayo, avo, salad 14.5

Vegie haloumi, avo, spinach, beetroot, mayo, salad 14.5

Chorizo bacon, egg, cheese, beetroot, salad 14.5



Asian Crunch w chicken, salmon or tofu 15

cabbage, carrot, celery, white radish, crispy onion, asian dressing

Spinach & Tahini salad (side serve) 6

Spicy Wakame salad (side serve) 6



Ramen              14

egg noodles w chicken, spinach, spicy wakame, egg, spring onion in pork sesame broth

Udon or Soba  14

w spinach, wakame, spring onion, & nori in soy broth

choose Beef / Chicken / Vegie / Tempura Prawn  (16)



Miso Soup w tofu, wakame & spring onion 4

Gyoza pork or prawn 4 pieces (fried) 6.5

Agedashi Tofu 8

Edamame soy beans in the pod 5

Croquettes w tonkatsu sauce 5

Hot Chips w garlic salt & wasabi mayo 5

Salmon Sashimi 8 pieces  9



all sushi can be made with organic brown rice – add $1

Mini ROLL – 8 small pieces

Avocado         4.5                   Cucumber  4.5

Fresh Salmon  5                       Hand rolls available on request  5

Inside Out ROLL – 8 medium size pieces

Spicy Salmon 6.5                    Fresh Salmon & Avo  7           

Cooked Tuna  7                      Tempura Asparagus  7

Large ROLL 4 large pieces

Salad carrot, cucumber, avo, red cabbage 6

Grilled Salmon cucumber, wasabi mayo & black sesame 7.5

Teriyaki Chicken w lettuce 7.5

Tempura Prawn 8.5

Spider Roll soft shell crab 9.5


LUNCH BOX  add miso soup $2

organic brown rice, asian crunch, spinach & tahini salad & edamame beans

Teriyaki choice of Chicken / Beef / Salmon / Tofu 15

Pork Katsu – panko fried pork w tonkatsu sauce 15

Grilled Salmon w wasabi mayo on oshisushi white rice 15


DONBURI RICE BOWL  add miso soup $2

bowl of organic brown rice with choice of dish belo

Beef Sukiyaki w onion  12

Chicken & Egg  12

Pork Katsu pork w onion & egg  13.5

Prawn Tempura  13.5

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